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10:23LeafyisHere INTERVIEW!            #DramaAlert
LeafyisHere INTERVIEW! #DramaAlertOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 3 meseci
24:41Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! - H3H3
Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! - H3H3Ogledi 2,5 mio.Pred 6 meseci
14:53H3h3 lies
H3h3 liesOgledi 3,7 mio.Pred 6 meseci
15:15I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlert
I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlertOgledi 588 tis.Pred 10 meseci


  • Damn belle delphine has made so many vids on here Twitter @glayzie3

  • Jake Paul might win my Twitter @is @BrichSwitch

  • Me and the homies hate keemstar

  • Ksi

  • Tbh I’m not a fan of jake but KSI vs. Jake... I think jake is going to win hands down @Enrique04833084

  • Fuck you jaystation

  • I think we all know that KSI vs Jake Paul is imminent next year.

  • bro pokimane is down bad haha (twitter- SaucyLmk)

  • i just caught up with this pokimane stuff and she is GUILTY no doubt about it.

  • Honestly RIP to Shane’s cat no matter who he may have been or what he’s done it still sucks to lose a cat especially a younger animal like a kitten @toodles67699537

  • 7:10 "What is your current weight if you don't mind me asking" " *Three-Hundred Seventeen* " "Holy sh-"

  • ksi

  • Sup @MassmannOwen

  • Softest network ever

  • 3:50 Keem: You're going to die! Like you can't- Nick: Im not going to die dude. *Keem:*

  • Personally, I think KSI would win against Jake - twitter: @mujtibaamin

  • Jake paul would never beat KSI because simply logan Paul is better boxer than Jake and you know what that means. @Thomas63042524

  • Ksi fasho!!

  • I’m pretty sure KSI would win @justin94773146

  • Shes still smiling in her pic c:

  • Nate Robertson deserves respect for even stepping foot in the ring and the memes are funny but should stop.

  • Jake paul: i dm nate i told him good game stay positive Also jake paul:so i made a merch Twitter:@kntyrmnth


  • I think Jake could actually win because ksi is just sitting around now it seems like and jakes doing fights but then again Jake Paul knocked Nate robbinson out with a ksi windmill swing so idk really

  • Ksi for sure. He's motivated and even when he's tired he just keeps going and going. He's also a better person.

  • I think jake Paul would win vs ksi

  • Ksi will win, you know why, my boi keemstar knows, we do this together ❤, I wonder what the next vid will be, really fascinating

  • I’m Choosing jake to win against KSI because he’s been training and fighting more than any other youtube boxer [email protected]

  • Feel like Kai finna win he gonna give Jake Paul that uno reverse card windmill punch on him

  • Logan: His eyesight worse than his music Also logan: videos dead body in jappanese forest Logan stfu 🙄

  • It’s ridiculous because there are literally videos of people COMPLETELY NAKED on this platform, yet Belle gets banned for a music video that isn’t nearly as bad as some others. That’s a load of crap.

  • Twitter is ndndmd

  • Need to see ksi vs jake now Twitter: SHAKZ___

  • What happened no space in title for "&"

  • Jj will beat jake paul sebas46643701

  • Bro i was honestly watching this video and thinking it came out today. I was so confused


  • Fat didn’t pick him, he picked fat

  • Yo Keem wya Twitter: @ChristianD10r_

  • Bruh i came back to this and the song is nice, but this really just makes me wanna meet netnobody

  • He has potential to be a beast of a fighter

  • Yo that last meme had me dead Twitter: Chevy_pl

  • Honestly the demand for the Ps5 and the new Xbox is crazy hopefully I am able to win one 🙏 @fahadking444

  • @_dayanara_23 I watch all your videos 🙃

  • Yo this guy is lit 🔥

  • Ksi

  • Jake

  • Dam wow I Deadass searched ur yt up after Jake Paul fight 😂💀

  • yo it would be insane if he actually noticed me and i get the mario kart live

  • yo which brother has which controversy.

  • KSI has legendary eyesight apparently

  • I remember when SLnumber was simpler :(

  • so does he think that people arent going onto the peoples channels or ig whatever that he makes videos on? im sure they do...i really dislike jd even more now... arrogant a s s edit...he shouldve lost his channel...

  • ksi will win in my opinion

  • Did it

  • my twitter is “kaiohei” and jake paul boo

  • Ksi da goat would win in a loop

  • omg he kissed her hand!!! i never! really now?

  • Uhm, Chile Anyways- SO-

  • i like keem now...no one can stop him

  • Even though I know I’ll lose I’ll hop in the ring for 5m. I hit that bell, selected all notifications “whish you all luck.” @Xdzzy_onYT

  • Popcorn makes you stupid.

  • Popcorn makes you stupid.

  • Jake

  • Can a pornstar cheat?